Are you ready to leave survival mode behind and welcome peace and balance into your life?

When you start taking care of yourself, incredible transformations unfold. You don't just feel better; you radiate a new, vibrant energy. You don't just look better; you glow with a renewed sense of self. And as you begin to attract better, everything around you starts to align with this new, empowered you.

Healing isn't just a process, it’s an investment in your future. By taking the time to self-reflect, and rebuild your self-esteem, you're actively breaking the cycle of past patterns and mistakes. This isn't just about moving on; it’s about moving forward with clarity and purpose.

Think about it: if you don't give yourself this time to heal, what happens? You run the risk of falling back into old habits, relationships, or situations that don't serve your highest good. Unhealed wounds can lead to choices that repeat the past, rather than forging a new path towards happiness and fulfillment.

And let's talk about your kids. They're watching, learning, and growing with you. As you rediscover and reclaim your worth, you teach them, through your own journey, the invaluable lessons of self-love, resilience, and the courage to embrace life's changes.

Don’t just move on; move forward with intention. Let this be the moment you choose to rise, rebuild, and thrive.

Welcome To

The Divorce Recovery Collection

The best tools and most effective methods designed for self-discovery, personal growth, and rebuilding a life you love.

You deserve it.

With over 70 digital pages drawn from years of real-life experience and divorce recovery coaching, this collection is packed with practical tools + guidance to help you:

  • Heal

  • Adjust to your new life

  • Conquer loneliness

  • Practice loving self-care

  • Rebuild your self-esteem

  • Move forward with confidence

Your divorce is an opportunity to embark on an empowering journey of healing and self-discovery.

And this comprehensive collection was designed to help you get there, step-by-step.

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What's Inside:


Divorce Recovery Blueprint

Move forward with clarity and confidence. This exclusive eBook will teach you how to avoid the critical mistakes that keep many women feeling stuck.

Inside, you'll learn how to heal, celebrate your strengths, prioritize self-care, and rebuild your self-esteem.


Renewal Journal

With over a month of super powerful journal prompts and affirmations, this guide will help you dive deep into your healing so you can find inner-peace, release limiting beliefs, and connect more deeply with the real you.


Alone + Empowered

This guide is designed to help you embrace your newfound independence, build new relationships with like-minded people, and create the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve.

Learn countless ways to turn your loneliest nights into empowering moments of self-discovery.


Secrets to the

Best Night's Sleep

Full of science-backed strategies, you'll learn how to create a healthier, more consistent sleep routine so you can better manage your emotional rollercoaster, and feel like a million bucks.



Side Hustles for Single Moms

Stop letting financial worry steal your sleep.

Channel that big money energy with actionable steps to maximize your time, and make your skills, schedule, and goals work together.

Your divorce doesn't define you.

It's a stepping stone to the BEST you.

The Divorce Recovery Collection

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Meet Your Coach


Leah Marie Mazur

Certified Divorce Recovery Coach

Hi! I'm Leah, founder of Mindfully Ready, and proud mama. As someone who's weathered the storm of divorce not once, but twice, I know firsthand the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with it.

I made the crucial mistake after my first divorce of rushing into the next chapter of my life without pausing to heal, to deeply reflect, or to rebuild the self-esteem. This lack of self-care and introspection led me to choosing relationships for all the wrong reasons, culminating in a second, even more challenging divorce. It was my ugliest yet most enlightening wake-up call ever.

Don't make the same mistake I did. This is your moment to truly focus on YOU. It's time to embark on a transformative journey towards feeling whole, happy, and fulfilled. You deserve nothing less.

My Divorce Recovery Collection is more than just a digital bundle. It’s a compass, guiding you through the emotional chaos. It’s a step-by-step pathway to rediscover your strength and rebuild your life with intention and self-compassion. This collection is curated with the wisdom of personal experience, professional insights, and a deep understanding of the healing process.

Remember, healing isn’t just a personal journey; it’s a powerful lesson for your kids too. They’ll see, through you, the profound importance of self-love + self-care, and learn to never settle for less than they deserve.

Your future is full of endless possibilities. Embrace this opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive. Your journey to a brighter, happier you starts right here.

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